Which Google Tools Can Be Integrated with Fax?

google services compatible with fax

Digital faxing gives us more flexibility than legacy fax technology, opening up different ways to both send and receive faxes without additional requirements besides a computer with Internet connection.

This new way of faxing lets you integrate fax functions into the Google tools or services you use the most. Why integrate Google services with fax? 3 Reasons: They work extremely well, they are free to use and they can help us speed or faxing processes.

If you are new to the world of online faxing, let me show you how you can get started with Google integration. It’s pretty easy, you just need an account with an online fax service. If you don’t want to spend on a plan, just create a new account and try out first-hand how this works.


Email-to-fax transmissions are one of the main features provided by online fax services. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology we can basically send a fax as an email.

Although fax providers let us use any email for this purpose, we recommend using Gmail. It’s very easy to use, has different layout options, includes a superb anti-spam filter, and there are interesting add-ons you can install to improve how you manage your emails.

Receiving faxes is as easy as checking your Gmail inbox. Once you have a digital fax line, the process is 100% automatic.

​You can also send fax online as email attachments. You can tag selected faxes to find them easily in the future, you can also preview incoming faxes right from your Gmail interface and then download it or save it to a virtual hard drive.

Recently Gmail has been redesigned and this has only made faxing better, with advanced features such as scheduling (via add-ons) and a built-in offline mode.

Google Drive

Every new Google account includes 15Gb of space to store documents on the cloud in Google Drive. Your virtual drive is always accessible from any computer just by logging into your account, you can also manage your Google Drive from its app.

Google Drive opens new possibilities for handling faxes. For example you can receive a fax and instantly share it via Google Drive with other people working in the same project, or give access to faxes to selected people in your company.

You can also fax documents directly from your Google Drive account without having to download them to your hard drive. Some online fax services can grab documents from your Google Drive and convert them to fax, you just need to login to your online fax account, and under the “Fax Sending” area, look for the Google Drive icon. You will be asked to authorize the fax service to access your account to attach the files. You can do the same with other cloud storage services like Dropbox and Box.

Also: How to fax from Google Drive

Google Sheets, Docs ​

These amazing web tools allows us to create spreadsheets, text documents and presentations respectively. The best of all is that these web-based programs have nothing to envy to similar alternatives on desktop computer (Microsoft Word & Excel, Apple’s Number & Pages), they have all the advanced features you’d expect from such tools and they are free to use.

They are perfect to create the documents that are going to be sent as fax in the future. Actually, they include templates to help you create your own contracts, invoices, receipts and more. But why go through additional steps when you can fax directly from Sheets or Docs with just a few clicks?

By heading to the Chrome store and installing an add on you can send fax without leaving your spreadsheet or document. It enables a new faxing option on the tool bar, so you just have to make a click to send a fax. Just enter the receiver number on the sidebar and your fax will travel directly to its destination without having to use Gmail as an intermediary

Google Voice

This is an extra item on the list, and I’ll explain why.

You can’t really fax directly from the Google Voice website, this virtual number is designed to transmit voice transmissions over a digital line, and as such uses VoIP technology, which is different from FoIP (Fax Over Internet Protocol), the technology we need to send fax. The way the data is sent is completely different and require two different types of signal quality.

There are some people who have tried connecting Google Voice to a fax machine. We have tried replicating the results without success. But even if we made it, these methods are too much of a hassle to integrate in an office where we need to be fax available at all times and transmitting data correctly.

However….you can turn your Google Voice number into a ​Google fax number by transferring it to a fax service. On any fax service you can request a transfer process which basically turn any number you have into a dedicated fax line. This includes Google Voice numbers!

Before requesting a transfer of your Google fax number, be sure to unlock it from your Voice account. There may be a small fee for unlocking the number. Once it has been transferred, it will only serve to fax, you won’t be able to use it for calls.

If you want to learn more about these ways of faxing, head over Googleonlinefax.com homepage, where you'll find the top guides to fax online.