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How to Fax a PDF Without a Fax Machine
The PDF format has become one of the most used file formats in the World.  Created by Adobe as a[...]
How to Fax from Google Drive
​Google Drive is Google's virtual storage service, which allows you to store documents in the cloud. Until recently it was[...]
How to Receive Fax to Gmail
​Faxing has evolved, nowadays you don't need a fax machine or even a dedicated fax line to receive faxes. Instead,[...]
How to Get a Google Fax Number
​Before Google even existed, and for many years, faxing required you not only to buy a fax machine, but also[...]
How to Send Fax from Gmail in Less Than a Minute
​You don't need to keep using old technology to send faxes.  You can simply send fax ​from Gmail in a[...]