Send IRS Tax Forms by Fax Using the Internet

fax irs form

​Sending tax information and tax forms means sending sensitive information.  If you need a secure solution  to send documents to your accountant or an IRS representative, there’s nothing better than using the power of Internet fax technology.

Traditional faxing is still considered a secure way to share documents, but it requires you to have a dedicated line, a fax machine and all the supplies that ​are needed for the job like toners and paper.  Online faxing on the other hand is fast, it takes full advantage of digital tech, and the best of all is that it ​is actually safer than using a fax machine.

Currently fax services offer different types of protection, given that this method of communication is heavily used in the law and healthcare industries.

​Every transmission of a fax is encrypted using TLS 1.2 ​, and all your faxes stored in your account are stored safely using AES 256-bit encryption​. Some services even have their own file format for sensitive faxes, which can only be opened with a  software that requires authentication.

Now you know that you can for example send IRS form 1040 safely to your accountant, but what if you need to receive documents from the Internal Revenue Service?

Well, you can request to receive them by fax.  When you open an account with an Internet fax service, you automatically get a virtual fax number to receive incoming faxes online.  Incoming documents will arrive fully encrypted to your email, or to your online fax account where they will be safely stored if you want to access them later on. Services like eFax for example, let you create free account for 14 days.

How to fax an IRS form over email:

  1. ​Compose a new email message using your email provider.
  2. On the subject field enter the cover page/information about the tax forms/documents.
  3. Enter the number in the email field, and next type in @ and the domain of your online fax service.  
  4. Attach your digital forms or tax information to the email.  You can attach PDF, DOC, TXT and even JPG files.  
  5. Press Send and wait for the delivery confirmation.

​We've written a guide on how to fax ​​from Gmail that you can follow along to send your fax to the IRS, including the top free fax services.  Be sure to check it out and get started within minutes.

How to fax an IRS form from your online fax account:

  1. ​After signing up with a service, log into your web dashboard.
  2. Locate your service's "Send" section.
  3. On the recipient's or TO field, enter the number of the ​accountant in charge of your faxes. Including area code.
  4. Click on Upload or Attach and select the tax form you wish to convert to fax.
  5. If you wish include a cover page by adding text or using one of the cover page templates included in your account.
  6. Click on Send

In both cases once you receive the confirmation message, you can rest assured the tax form has reached its destination.

Don't let tax filing season catches you off-guard.  It's better to stay prepared and send all the necessary documents before the deadline and avoid future issues, so why not learn how to send a fax to the IRS the easy way.  If you want to learn more about online fax, we suggest you check out our homepage, where you'll find the right tutorials to get started!