How to Send an International Fax

how to send international fax

If you want to send a fax to another country, you have two alternatives:

  • using a fax machine
  • using an online fax service

Using a Fax Machine

This old method still works, but you need to have a fax machine and a dedicated fax line.

You see, every time you send an international fax, you have to pay the cost of the transmissions per minute, based on the long-distance call fees from your ​phone ​company. 

A dedicated fax line, on the other hand, will serve to avoid interruptions during the process, and this way keep you from sending a document again (and accumulating long-distance minutes).

To send an international fax, simply dial the country and area code, followed by the fax number, and begin the transmission using the instructions provided by your fax machine's user manual.

Using an Online Fax Service

This is the most affordable method because most fax services don’t make a distinction when it comes to destinations. You can fax online within the USA or send a fax to UK and it will cost the same to you. Instead of international call minutes, you are just using the amount of pages determined on your plan.

If you have a business that is constantly communicating with foreign customers, integrating an online fax solution can prove to be a major money-saver. It also saves you time; given that faxes are sent and received automatically, you’ll spend your time away from the fax machine. Faxes will arrive to your inbox and outgoing faxes will be delivered automatically.

To send and international fax with a service, you can simply log into your fax account, go to the Sending area, add the number you want to send the fax to, and then select the country of destination from the drop-down list.

Another, more convenient alternative is to send the fax straight from Gmail. Here’s no drop-down list of countries, so just follow the instructions to fax from email, but add the country and area prefixes to the number.

Here you can find a list of all the country codes.

How to Start Faxing Internationally for Free

Although you can’t fax for free using a fax machine, you can do so with the help of an online fax service. But not any service will do. You must choose one that has international coverage and at the same time lets you create a free account.

Luckily, most fax services offer this last option, so you’ll have no trouble creating a free account. This account comes complete with an online fax number, enabling you to receive faxes from any destination on your computer or even mobile device.

There are also some pages online that let you send faxes, but they are only limited to USA and some cases, Canada. In addition most of them include a cover page with ads, and limit the amount of pages and even file formats of your fax.

Yet another option is to use a service that lets you fax per page. These days you can find plenty of options both for desktop and mobile devices. Some of them allow you to reach international destinations. However, they aren’t not free, you still have to pay per page, according to the country your fax will be transmitted to.