Alternatives to Gmail Faxing Online

other ways to send fax online

Using your email is a great alternative to send a fax straight from your computer, but it’s not the only one. Online fax services provide other ways to send faxes:

  • Via your online fax dashboard
  • Via a mobile app
  • Via add-ons and extensions

Each of these methods have different pros and cons. It’s a good idea to know about them, even if you prefer using Gmail to send fax online. You never know when you might need them.

Let’s get started!

Using Your Online Fax Dashboard

The dashboard is the main section of your online fax account. Besides being the area where you adjust your online fax settings, it’s also where you can send, receive and view all the faxes that has been transmitted using your online fax number.

First, you need to login into your individual fax service account, and then head to the “Send Fax” section. Then you’ll be on a page where you just have to fill the details of your fax including the fax machine’s number and where you upload the documents to be converted to fax.

efax online dashboard

Thanks to this method you can enjoy additional features. Depending on your service there will be features such as fax scheduling for later delivery, integration with cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box), and the ability to precede the fax with a custom cover page.

To finish sending the fax just click on Send and wait for the confirmation sent to your email.

Using a Mobile App

The ability to fax on the go was only a fantasy only a decade ago, but with the advances in mobile technology we can have a virtual fax machine right in the palms of our hands.

To fax from your mobile phone you’ll need to have an account with a service that offers mobile apps. Not all of them have apps, some simply prefer to give you a mobile version of their website, but you still have to use your phone’s browser.

The advantages of using an app over simply faxing with your email is that you can optimize your fax images, compose fax from photos and also add your signature with just a couple of taps.It makes the whole process easier, especially taking into account that you are using a device with smaller screen space.

The downside of this method is that some apps doesn’t contain all the features included in their desktop version.

Again, a confirmation message will be sent to your email once the fax has been received. You can also check out the confirmations on your app’s inbox or fax log.

Using Add-ons

A fax add-on will enable you to send fax from tools, programs or services that don’t have this feature.

In this case we are talking about add-ons for Google Chrome, Google Drive and its sub-apps Docs, Sheets and Presentations. These add-ons will basically add a new sidebar that you can use to send a fax without leaving the program.

The sidebar has a form, where you enter the number, the cover page text, and a simple button to Send the fax. If you work on web-based document and spreadsheet editing programs such as these, using an add-on is a great idea to save time.

Some services also offer similar add-ons for Microsoft apps such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The concept is the same: an additional sidebar with fax options. Before trying out these apps though, make sure they are compatible with your current software version.

The downside of using an add-on is that you are pretty limited when it comes to picking a fax service. Some fax services only offer add-ons for one or two apps, while others only have add-ons to work with Google Drive.

Some services allow you to fax a couple of pages free from their add-on. That’s a great way to test if it works for you.

Any of these 3 methods will ensure you can send a fax from a computer or mobile device. Why we prefer using Gmail? Because it’s easy to migrate from email to fax, and at the same time once you get the hang out of it it is much faster!

The most important thing to take from this article is that you have options. Perhaps if you are always away from your computer, a mobile app sounds like a better alternative. In any case, your account will still be linked to your Gmail address at all times, you don’t need to change your settings at any point if you want to vary your fax sending method.