How to Send Fax with eFax and Gmail

eFax is one of the leading companies in the online fax field, and it’s also one of the providers that better integrate with Gmail. In this article you’ll learn how to integrate both.

First Steps

First, you’ll need an account with eFax. Currently the company offer plans that start at $12.95, but to get started you can simply create a free account. It’s valid for 30 days, so if you don’t want to keep using the service be sure to cancel it before the trial period is over. You can cancel it at anytime.

Then you just need a Gmail address. As we stated on our Gmail fax tutorial, it’s better to create a new one just to send and receive faxes.

Connecting Gmail to eFax

This can be done in two ways: at the moment of signing up or by changing the settings on your eFax account.

​The first way is the most simple one. Go to eFax and sign up for a paid or free trial account. Then you’ll start the process. First, you need to choose a number that will be linked to your email account. Choose your country, location and then pick between the numbers available in the area. Click on “Setup account”.

You’ll be taken to a page where you need to enter your account details. Pay special attention where it says “Email address” because this is where you’ll need to enter the Gmail address you’ll use for faxing.

After finishing the setup activation, you’ll be ready to send faxes.

​The other way is to change your settings. Perhaps you were using another email address and want to move to Gmail. In that case you must follow these steps:

  1. Log into your eFax account.
  2. Click on “Update Account
  3. Next, head to the Preferences tab > Send Email Addresses and click the Edit button.
  4. Now enter your Gmail address. Don’t forget to click on Update or else your changes won’t be saved.

Sending Gmail Fax with eFax

Now that everything’s been configured properly, you are ready to send faxes. To do this, follow the steps on our guide on how to fax from Gmail, but in this case you’ll need to use the eFax server domain:

Type in the TO field the 10-digit number of the receiver’s max machine, followed by

For example if you want to send a fax to the number 1-222-444-6666, you’ll need to enter this:

Don’t forget to attach the files you want to convert to fax. eFax is able to convert dozens of file formats, you can find a list of supported file types here.

The email address will send your message to eFax’s fax servers and instruct it to forward the converted files to the number. The process takes about 1-2 minutes depending on the availability of the fax machine and the amount of pages you are sending

Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation message in your Gmail address, along with the details of the process. In case there’s an error or the receiver’s line is unavailable, it will re-try sending the fax and report any errors in the confirmation message.