Benefits of Using Gmail to Send Faxes

Gmail benefits

Judging by the name of our site, it's obvious that we love using Gmail for faxing. What started as invitation-only service has become over the years the biggest free email provider in the World, quickly surpassing Hotmail at the height of its popularity.

Exclusivity was always a big plus when Gmail first appeared, but the tech company ​hasn’t stopped adding features since it was launched, and today many people use it because it’s free, it’s simple to use and works better than other providers.

In this article we’ll take a look at the reasons why ​it's a good idea to ​use Gmail ​to send fax online.

Creating an Account is Free and Easy

We are way past those years when you had to get an invitation in order to create a Gmail account. Now you can easily have one for personal matters, one for business and one for faxing. These different accounts can also be linked together, allowing you to switch between accounts without having to change your login.

Gmail takes spam and privacy seriously, and ​doesn’t allow mass generation of addresses, so you may be asked to enter your phone number. This number will also let you access your account in case you forget your login info.

Ads aren't Intrusive

If you have used free email services for a long time like us, you may have tried different alternatives, and I’m sure you’ll agree Gmail has the cleanest interface. It’s no wonder, Google became the biggest search engine thanks to the simplicity of its interface, and the company wants to pass the same feeling throughout their suite of web tools.

Gmail does have ads, but they are integrated in such a way that they get your attention without distracting from the most important thing: your emails. ​This is really helpful when faxing online, as you can focus your attention on your communications without being distracted by annoying ads.

Plenty of Virtual Space to Store Faxes

When you create a Gmail address, you create a Google account at the same time, giving you access to different tools, among them Google Drive, a free cloud storage service that lets you store 15 GB of files.

​Drive provides enough space to store all your ​Gmail fax, if you use an account exclusively for this purpose. Even if at some point you run out of storage space, you can purchase more for a small fee.

Finding Messages is Easy

Gmail gives you all the right tools to find the emails you are looking for pretty quickly. You can search by taking into account factors like subject, date, recipient, size, the words an email has and even those it doesn’t have.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that this email service is provided by the biggest search engine in the World!

Add-on Friendly

Gmail is compatible with different add-ons and third-party providers. A clear example is that you can use your email address for faxing. All online fax services work great with Gmail and you don’t need to do nothing more than signing up for a service and determine your primary email address.

Other things you can do within Gmail: pay invoices, organize your to-do list, integrate it with a Calendar and schedule emails. Not so long ago you had to get a tool for each of these tasks, but now you can do it from one place.

A Great Spam Filter

This must be the provider that does a better job at keeping spam at bay. Sometimes it is “too good” and end up filtering messages that should go in the primary folder, but this is very rare. Most of the times it will be helpful to avoid cluttering in your inbox.

Even if you use your account just for faxing, it is possible that Spam messages reach you, so it is important to have a good filter. These messages won’t be automatically deleted, they are sent to the “Spam” folder where you can check them out and maybe catch a message that shouldn’t have been filtered.

Make sure you clear it once in a while to free up your Google Drive space.

It's Updated Regularly

You may not notice the small tweaks, but Gmail is always offering new updates on their service to satisfy the needs of their users. At the beginning you could only send and receive messages, but today you can pay invoices, answer emails automatically, and many other things without leaving the interface.

Visual updates are also released regularly, but you always have the option of going back to the classic Gmail view if you don’t like it.

Messages Can Be Opened in an Email Software

You can enable POP and IMAP at no extra cost. These protocols allow you to check your Gmail messages using an email client installed on your computer or smartphone.

The advantage of doing this is that you can have more control over your messages and attachments (in this case the faxes) can be downloaded automatically, while a copy will still be maintained on Gmail’s inbox area.

Final Words

If you are going to fax ​from ​Gmail, you have to use the best email provider at your disposal, and in this case it is totally free! Gmail has all the right tools to give you a smooth faxing experience.

Creating an account is very simple and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. We recommend having a separate account for faxing to take full advantage of the storage space and avoid mixing messages in your inbox. If you have multiple accounts you can switch between them by going to the top-right corner of your screen and clicking on your profile picture.