How to Send Fax from Gmail for Free

Gmail fax in just 5 steps


​​Did you know you no longer need a fax machine?  These days, you can fax from Gmail using just your computer and your smartphone.  In this article, we are going to show you how!

By linking your Gmail address to an online fax service, you can send a fax from your email in the same way that you would send a regular email message.

This way of sending faxes has proven to be not only faster, but also less expensive than using a fax machine. That's why so many businesses are making the leap to email fax technology.

It only takes a minute to sign up for an online fax service, and then you'll be ready to send your first fax using the instructions below.  

We've also included a selection of the top Gmail fax service providers in case you'd like to try them out for free.

Can I Fax From Gmail?


​​​While it's true that Gmail doesn't have a built-in email-to-fax feature, that doesn't mean we can't use a third-party service to get the job done. By using an online fax service, you can link a fax number to your Gmail email address in a matter of minutes.  This number becomes your Google fax number, so to speak. You can send and receive fax using nothing but your email account, and it acts like a landline that stays active 24/7.

​As you'll see below, ​you can send a fax online by composing an e-mail message.  All you have to do is enter the recipient's fax number in an e-mail format and attach the file that you want to fax.  Note that because email and faxing use different technologies, this tutorial won't work if you don't already have a fax service account.  Fortunately, there are ways to get started for free. ​What a fax service brings to the table is the technology to convert your files into a fax format that is compatible with traditional fax machines.

How to Send a Fax From Gmail

​Now that we know it's possible, it's time for action!

​If you don't already have an account with an email to fax service, we recommend you sign up for a 14-day free eFax account and use it to try this tutorial. ​

Follow these steps to send fax from Gmail for the first time, in less than five minutes:

  1. ​Log in to your Gmail account and create a new email message by clicking COMPOSE, the button located in the upper left corner of your dashboard. A new email compose window will appear.
  2. ​In the TO section, enter the recipient's fax ​number, followed by "@" and the domain specified by your current fax service. For example, if you're faxing to 1-555-555-5555, you'd enter: Be sure to check your welcome email for this information, as the domain varies from service to service. Don't forget to add a country code/international dialing code, if necessary.
  3. ​Attach the file or picture you want to fax by clicking the paper clip icon and selecting the file(s) on your computer. Learn more about the types of files you can fax through Google Mail here. All fax services allow you to fax documents in common file formats, including PDF, TXT, BMP, JPG, XLS, and DOC. The ​file included in the attachment is automatically converted into an analog fax signal.
  4. ​(Optional) If you want to precede your fax with a cover letter, type its contents in the Subject or Body fields. This cover letter will appear in front of your actual fax message and may contain important information.
  5. Press the Send button or icon.

​The top of your Gmail message should look like this:

Gmail fax composing screen

​Once your fax is sent, you will receive a confirmation message in your Gmail account with all the details of the transmission.  A copy of your fax is also saved to your online fax account for permanent storage.

​Because it is web-based, this method to send fax from Gmail works the same way on both PC and Mac computers.  This means that the process of converting files is done on an external fax server, a computer specialized in doing this.

​Best Gmail Fax Services of 2023

​There are a lot of online fax ​providers out there today that let you send fax from Gmail, so it's always good to have at least a few recommendations.  To create this "best of" list, we've taken into account several factors, including price, plans, number availability, file compatibility, number of faxes per month, and more.  

We've also included a link to create a free trial account for each selection, in case you want to try it out for yourself.  In fact, this is how we've been able to test the services, and you can too!

​1. ​eFax

​eFax has been one of the leading email fax providers for over a decade.  This service is the one that offers the widest coverage, with numbers available in dozens of countries around the world, all of which can be activated in just a few minutes. eFax has always been at the forefront of online faxing innovation, being the first to develop a mobile app - currently the best way to send faxes from your phone - and more recently adding other useful features, including integration with cloud storage services.

​If you are looking for a top-notch service to send fax, an eFax account is for you. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail and thanks to its mobile app, you can get instant notifications when your scheduled faxes are delivered. The 14-day free trial includes all the features of the standard service, and you can choose to keep your number after that. Sending fax with eFax is fast, and your fax transmission will be perfectly legible when you print it out on any fax machine.

2. RingCentral Fax


​RingCentral is a company with years of experience in virtual office technology. They currently offer toll-free, local, and vanity numbers in the US, Canada, and the UK, and you can use their Internet fax solution as part of their RingCentral Office suite or as a standalone product. It allows you to easily fax from a Gmail account and integrates perfectly with Google products.

​RingCentral's plan is affordable and allows you to fax 1500 pages per month.  You can pay as you go, or you can pay less by signing up for an annual fee.  One of the benefits of using RingCentral is the ability to integrate other RingCentral products through the Office plan, which also includes phone and video.

​Sending a fax from email with this service is very easy and the quality, while sometimes not the best, is perfectly readable.  RingCentral offers additional features such as fax broadcasting, scheduling, cloud service integration, and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Although it is designed for RingCentral Office users, you can use it if you have a fax-only plan.  You can also easily access your fax management area through your mobile browser; the site is easy to navigate.

​RingCentral is very helpful when it comes to customer support, which is something that newbies to online faxing are sure to appreciate.

Try RingCentral Fax Free for 30 Days

Scheduling a Fax​ in Gmail

Scheduling a Gmail fax

​Fax scheduling is a useful feature provided by ​online fax services. It allows you to ​fax documents at an exact time and date. If your business does a lot of faxing, this can free up your mind and time to focus on other tasks.

There are basically two ways you can schedule your faxes online:

  • Using a Gmail add-on.
  • Using your online fax account.

Using a Gmail Add-on

​Gmail doesn't have a way to schedule emails, so we need to use an add-on to do the job. Of all the ones we've tried, Boomerang is the best alternative.

This extension offers additional features besides email scheduling, such as click & response tracking, reminders, and read receipts.

To use Boomerang, you need to download the extension and sign up for an account. The professional account has a monthly fee, but you can try it for a month for free. After that, you can continue with a free account that allows you to schedule up to 10 emails per month.

Here’s how to use it schedule your faxes:

  1. Install Boomerang on your preferred browser and log into Gmail.
  2. Click on Compose
  3. Follow the steps explained above to send a fax from Gmail.
  4. ​Click "Send Later". You can set an exact time and date to send your email fax, or use the "Tomorrow Morning" and "Tomorrow Afternoon" options to send it at 9:30am and 12:00pm, respectively.
  5. Click on Confirm

​You can forget about the fax once you have completed the steps above. You'll receive a confirmation message as usual when your fax has been delivered.

Using your Online Fax Account

​To schedule faxes using this alternative, you'll need to log in to your online fax account through your web browser and access your fax sending options. You can schedule an unlimited number of fax pages, if that's included with your service.

Another advantage is that it's easier than scheduling a fax directly from Gmail, and you don't have to install an extension or add-on to send fax. We'll use RingCentral Fax as an example for this method, but it works with other providers as well.

To schedule your faxes follow these steps:

  1. Log into your online fax account with the service of your choice
  2. Head over “Send a Fax” or similar area.
  3. Add all the fax details, including number with area code, attachment and optional cover page.
  4. Below the attachment area, you’ll find a field named “Send On”. Now just set the date and time you want to deliver your fax using the pop-up calendar.
  5. Click on Schedule.

​Now all you have to do is wait for the fax to be sent. Scheduled faxes are added to the Outbox folder where you can check their status. Once it has been sent, you will receive the usual confirmation email.

Scheduling your faxes is a great way to increase your productivity and ensure that documents are sent to international numbers at the right time of day. With the right tools, sending your faxes at a later time can be a breeze. Of the methods outlined here, we believe using your online account is better unless you plan to schedule more than 10 faxes per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Fax Provider Only Work with Gmail?

​You can use any email address you have for online faxing.  However, we recommend that you fax from Gmail because of its security and additional features (such as integration with Google Drive and Google Docs). In any case, whatever email address you use, make sure it is used exclusively for faxing.

Do I Need a Fax Number to Fax from Gmail?

​Yes, the fax number is your link to the fax servers needed to send fax, plus you can't receive faxes without a fax number.  Luckily, ​any suitable fax service will give you a free fax number when you create a new account.  You will be able to choose between different types of fax numbers depending on the country and city you live in.

​Does My ​Gmail Fax Number Stays ​Active At All Times?

​Yes, your virtual fax number is always ready to send and receive faxes directly online. Unlike traditional fax machines that need to be operated manually, every fax you receive through your fax number is automatically received in your Gmail inbox and a copy is saved to your primary fax provider account. Learn more on our guide on how to receive fax to Gmail.

Can I Send ​Fax from Gmail from the Mobile App?

​Yes, the process for sending a fax is the same, you just use the Gmail app on your mobile device to compose the email message.  Remember that the fax document must be saved on your phone, you can also take a picture of a document and attach it to the message.  

To make things easier, some services have developed apps that let you send, receive, and sign faxes.

Final Words

​As you can see, sending a fax from your Gmail account is pretty easy. Once you know the steps to send a fax, you will be able to replicate them in just a few minutes at any time you want to.  Switching to an online alternative can make a big difference in your business or office, freeing up time and making it easier to collaborate on team efforts.

On top of that, the features of online faxing are far superior to the ones offered by traditional fax machines.  It's time to make the leap, don't get left behind by old technology.