How to Send Fax from Gmail in Less Than a Minute

Gmail fax

​You can send fax ​from Gmail in a similar way you ​do a common email message, by using an online fax service.

This way of sending fax online has proven to be not only faster but also more cost-effective, that's why there are so many businesses making the jump to digital faxing. In this tutorial you'll learn how to fax online in just a few steps.

​Before getting started, you'll need ​to create an account with an email to fax service because ​​Gmail doesn't have built-in faxing capabilities. These third party services link your Gmail account to a virtual line that converts digital documents into analog fax signals, compatible with fax machines.

​We recommend signing up for a service like eFax ​or RingCentral Fax, which let you send ​free fax online for 30 days.

​If you don't have a Gmail account yet, create one.  As a matter, of fact it's a good idea to have one dedicated to fax, to avoid mixing communications.  That's all you need, it's time to make magic happen...

​How to Send fax Online from Gmail​:

To send your first email to a fax machine follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Gmail account and create a new email message by c​​​licking on COMPOSE, the button located in the upper left corner of your dashboard.
  2. Enter the 10-digit recipient’s fax machine number in the TO section, followed by "@" ​and the domain value specified by your current fax service. For instance, ​if you need to send a fax to the number 1-555-555-5555, you'll need to
  3. Attach the ​file you want to send as a fax by clicking on the paperclip icon and ​selecting the ​file(s) on your computer.​ Learn more about what types of files you can fax.
  4. ​Type the cover page text message on the Subject field.The design of the cover page is configured on your online fax account.
  5. Double-check you have entered the right info and then press "Send" to start sending fax online.
how to send fax from Gmail

​Once your ​email has been delivered securely delivered to the fax machine, you will receive a confirmation message on your Gmail account, where you will find all the details of the transmission.  A copy of your fax will also be saved on your online fax account, where it will be permanently stored.

The Gmail-to-fax number besides letting you send Internet fax will allow you to receive them automatically on your inbox, for more info, read our article on ​receiving fax on your Gmail account

​As you can see, it is ​extremely easy to ​send fax ​from Gmail and it has plenty of ​benefits​ and additional features such as fax scheduling​, international faxing, broadcasting, mobile notifications, among others.

Fax is still ​widely used, but it makes sense to use modern technology which can save us time and money when sending documents.

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We hope this Gmail-to-fax tutorial has been useful, don't forget ​you can send ​fax from email free with one of the alternatives laid out here!  

If you want learn more about ​how to integrate fax via email with Google Mail and other services​, please visit our homepage.