RingCentral Integrates Team Collaboration Tools


It seems that team collaboration capabilities have taken a step forward this year. Not only services such as Microsoft’s “Teams” a chat-based workspace have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of organizations, but also we are witnessing how many of these tools are being integrated in already existing services. Such is the case of RingCentral, who are merging Glip into their existing RingCentral Office plan.

Team-based applications (also known as: virtual work-spaces or persistent work-spaces) have become extremely popular in modern offices around the World. They offer an improved way at managing team projects, providing the right features needed for better communication and collaboration. RingCentral has taken note of this trend and have begun to integrate team capabilities with their tools.

RingCentral and Glip Integration

RingCentral announced the acquisition of Glip a couple of years ago, and it has not been until recently that we have witnessed the result of this merge. First with the release of RingCentral Contact, and then with RingCentral Meetings. Both solutions now integrate with Glip’s messaging app.

Is Glip still available as a stand-alone product? Yes, the company has stated that Glip will still be available separately, you don’t need a RingCentral Office account. In this respect, it works just like RingCentral Fax – you can opt to use it solo, but if you sign up for a RingCentral Office, it will be included already.

The company has taken notes of suggestions from their users, and are aiming to use this technology to ease the communication between contact center workers and experts within organizations, which in turn will make helping customers faster and easier.

We have to also take into account that in today’s World, it is common to find knowledge workers to be on different locations or even on the go, connecting via mobile phones. Integration with team based application is essential when working remotely.

Contact center agents can take advantage of all the features Glip has to offer. In addition, customers can also be part of a team too. The company sends an invitation for customers to join, so they can have an improved customer support experience, sharing files while being able to communicate via instant messaging with audio and video. These features are available for all existing plans. If you already have a plan with RingCentral, you may have already received an email containing all the new features in your service.

This integration signifies another big step forward for RingCentral, which aims to have the most robust set of features and tools for businesses interested in virtual office spaces.

Team collaboration is a hot topic in digital offices today. RingCentral is not the only vendor that is adding these type of features to their services, other vendors such as Microsoft, Avaya and 8×8 are also moving towards that direction. However, the company’s plans of integration don’t stop there, we are expecting new announces by the company regarding new tools and features. This is a reflection of today’s offices, with new challenges and ways of taking care of business.

If your business is dependent on customer service, you should try out this new way of handling knowledge workers and customers.

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