RingCentral Fax Review


​RingCentral is one of those companies that you can always find at the top ​spots of "best fax service" lists. This company began its operations back in 1999, and has not stopped adding new and better features to its office products, with availability in the US, Canada and UK,

Although ​their biggest product is RingCentral Office, which includes many tools to manage a virtual office, in this review we will focus on RingCentral Fax, ​their stand-alone online fax service​.

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​Prices and Plans

​Like other fax services, RingCentral has plans designed for different types of users. These are paid via a monthly fee and don’t require any type of contract, so you can cancel anytime you want. These are their plans:

Fax 1500. It costs from $​17.99 and allows you to fax 1500 pages per month.

​Fax + Phone + Video. ​Costs​​​ $34.99 per month, and is also known as the Office plan.

It is also good to know that if you pay annually, the monthly cost will be significantly reduced. ​

RingCentral also ​let you create a free trial account. This account will be active for 30 days and includes all the features you find in the ​most affordable plan. Once your trial period is over, you can decide to continue or cancel your subscription.

Compared to other years, the price of RingCentral Fax has increased, as have its features. Unlike other services, your number of pages that you can fax each month combines the sending and receiving pages. It is only slightly above the average of services in the market.

​RingCentral Fax Features

  • Free fax number. To ​get started, you'll be given a digital fax number, which can be local or toll-free. You also have the alternative of using a vanity number, which will cost you a single payment of $ 30. ​It is possible buy additional fax numbers at the same price.
  • Cloud faxing. With this service you can forget about uploading documents from a hard drive and ​instead work from the cloud. Apart from being able to send a fax using Gmail, you can send faxes from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Drop and Dropbox. The first service through your email, the others through FaxOut, RingCentral's members area.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office. Windows users can send a fax without leaving any of the suite's applications.
  • Advanced security. Since fax is widely used to share sensitive documents, it is important that it goes through a secure transmission. This service adds security by encrypting all communications. Your faxes will be stored in your online account, protected by your password.
  • Mobile Faxing. RingCentral has its RC Office app​​ that you can use to fax from your phone. There's no transmission​ issues, but ​what we don't like is that since it encompasses all RingCentral Office the app has many options, so it can be a bit confusing at first.
  • Create fax groups. ​On your Contacts list, you can create groups, so next time you can send a fax to a group instead of sending the fax individually to each person. This tool is very useful when you work with teams.

​Sending Fax with RingCentral

​As we can see ​from the features, there is more than one way to send a fax: using FaxOut, your email, or ​directly from Microsoft Office. Of all these, the one you will use most will be the ​one that involves using your email.

RingCentral is a Google fax service, meaning it is compatible with Gmail. Thanks to this, you can send a fax in the same way you send an ordinary email, with some differences that you can see in this guide to send online fax​.

​Outgoing faxes ​need to be sent to this address: faxnumber@rcfax. Just ​swap faxnumber ​with the ​recipient's 10-digit number. The document you want to fax will be attached either from your computer or from Google Drive. If you want to attach Drop or Dropbox documents you'll have to send the fax from Ringcentral's FaxOut.

Once you have sent your fax, it will be converted to the format used by the fax machines, so ​ it can be received without problems. The only difference that the person receiving the fax will notice, will be increased readability of the document!

​Receiving a Fax with RingCentral Fax

​RingCentral does everything possible to ensure that ​​you receive fax to Gmail automatically. Once you create your account and choose your number, it will be linked to your Gmail account. Because of this, it is recommended that you create an email account just for faxing.

The magic is in the online fax number. When a person sends a fax to your number, the fax is converted to digital format and then forwarded to your email. ​It doesn't matter what type of fax number you choose, they all work the same.

If you are already receiving faxes but want to move to a digital line, you can do so by requesting a "porting process" from RingCentral, which may take a few days as the new ​number needs to spread through the Internet completely. But don't worry, the service includes a temporary fax number for this type of case.

The faxes that you receive can also be viewed through your mobile application, allowing you to be ​have your communications in hand at all times.

​Final Words

​RingCentral is one of the best email fax providers today. Together with eFax, they have put themselves at the forefront of this industry, but RingCentral goes further with its Office plan, which adds all kinds of tools for the virtual office.

The features that this service gives will make ​of faxing an easy and fast process. If you find a problem you can always find someone in customer service (they work 24/7). To start trying it you do not need to spend money at all. With a free trial account you can ​witness for yourself how this technology works.

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