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MyFax Review 2024: The Pros, The Cons and Everything Else

myfax review

​MyFax is another service that offers compatibility with Gmail addresses. It has been active since 2004 and in 2010 it was purchased by j2 Global, one of the top companies in the field of cloud communications. Thanks to this, now it has a great support and has proven to be quite reliable for thousands of offices around the World.

This is another service with international presence, offering numbers not only in the USA and Canada, but in more than a dozen other countries too.

In this review we'll take a look at MyFax, what are its features and its ​plans, so you can see if ​suits your office.

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​Price and Plans

​MyFax offers three plans depending on the amount of fax you send and receive per month. These plans are paid monthly and do not require any type of contract; you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. The plans are:





​Home Office User

​100 pages

​200 pages


​Small Business User

​200 pages

​200 pages


​Power User

​400 pages

​400 pages


​​MyFax also offers free trial accounts. In just minutes you can create your free account and fax without cost for a month, enjoying all the features of the service. If you don't want to continue paying later, ​just cancel your account before the trial period ends.

There are discounts for annual plans. Paying the Home Office User plan on an annual basis allows you to save 2 months of service.

As we can see, in terms of prices, MyFax is within the average, and even cheaper than some of the current top companies in the market.

​MyFax Features

  • ​Numbers around the World. In addition to being able to choose between toll-free and local numbers in the USA, ​you'll have at your disposal international numbers to have a virtual presence in dozens of other countries. The type of number is chosen when creating your account and can be linked to up to 5 different emails.
  • Send a fax to several recipients. MyFax allows you to send a single fax to up to 50 numbers at the same time. This was previously only possible through a fax broadcasting service, but with MyFax anyone can do it.
  • Mobile faxing. We live in a world ​where are apps for everything you can think of, and MyFax could not be left behind with its cell phone fax app. Surprisingly, it is one of the apps that we like the most because it is fast and simple, going straight to the point. It is available for IOS and Android and is completely free, you will only need an account, either paid or a free trial one.
  • Keep your fax number. This company assists you throughout the fax ​number porting process. Not only does it help you move your ​current dedicated fax ​line to a virtual line, but it also gives you a temporary number to receive faxes while the other one spreads ​over the web.
  • A large number of compatible formats. MyFax has an impressive amount of 178 compatible formats and types. You will find all the common formats you can imagine (JPG, TXT, RTF, BMP, ​PDF, etc), along with others less used ones for word processors, spreadsheet and database software.

​Sending Faxes with MyFax

​MyFax allows you to send fax ​over email. To do so, you have to send an email to the following address: faxnumber@myfax.com. Replacing fax number with the recipient number (including international prefix and / or area code if necessary).

If you want to learn step-by-step how to compose an email to send as a fax, you can read our article about sending an online fax.

The file to be faxed will be attached to that email. You can attach more than one file at a time.

By sending the fax to this address you are instructing the MyFax servers to convert the documents and send it back safely to the number in a format that is compatible with any fax machine.

​Using MyFax Central

​MyFax Central is the MyFax's user area, where you can find many additional options, including the possibility of sending faxes. Using MFC is very easy​. It is true that it looks a little old for these times we live in, but the interface does its job.

​To send a fax with MFC, enter your account, and on the side menu you'll find the link that says "Send to Fax". Click it and fill in all the required text fields ,​so you can send your document.

Regardless of which method you use to send the fax, in the end you'll receive a confirmation email, which will give you details of your fax, such as date, duration, recipient and additional cost if applicable.

​Receiving Faxes with MyFax

​Receiving faxes, as with any service, is an automatic process. When ​you create your account and ​choose your number, it will be linked to your ​email address. The person sending you the fax will not notice the difference with your new fax-to-email number, this way you can receive faxes on Gmail ​free.

When someone sends fax to your number, the service grabs it through the digital fax line and then processes it into powerful servers, which are capable of converting fax documents into PDF in a matter of seconds. This Acrobat PDF file is immediately attached to a message and sent to your email.

Alternatively, you can view your faxes within your online account, either by using MyFax Central or through the mobile application.

​Final Words

​MyFax is a reliable service that offers more than basic features. Its strengths are the availability of international numbers and the ​amount of compatible file types. Their different plans give you flexibility to find one that suits your business and your free trials allow you to test the service extensively before paying for a plan.

In terms of price, it is within average, and offers plans for different types of users, which means that you don't need a big plan if you only fax from time to time.

Definitely another of our recommended services here at Google Online Fax, the best thing is that it is 100% compatible with Gmail.