Is Google Discover Replacing Search Box in Mobile Phones?

​Google has announced they have started rolling out “Google Discover” the new landing page that will replace the traditional minimalist search box on the Google app. Discover has already existed but it was previously called Google Feed, an app where you could add the feeds of the pages you visit the most.

The new landing page shows a search box followed by different results around the Web about things you have searched recently.  It’s almost like a Facebook page but with recent search feeds.  

The results shown on this page are retrieved by Google, which means the quality may not be as good as you hope for, at least for now.

The Google Discover feed is customizable, you can add more topics, weather information, traffic information.  You can also choose to follow the latest results and news according to a certain team, definitely an interesting feature for sports enthusiasts.

Although the new Google Discover feed appears as the default option when opening your Google app on Android or iOS, you can switch it off by going to the settings page and disabling “Web & App Activity”. In these times when we have realized that Web security is not as infallible as we were told, maybe its safer to turn off this option.

Personally, I like the minimalist design better.  After all, that’s one of the reasons Google became a success, it was a simple search engine.  But the company is always looking to expand their user base and integrate features that are popular in other services.  What do you think?

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