How to Fax from Dropbox

fax with dropbox

Do you need to fax Dropbox documents without having to depend on a fax machine or complicated software?

By linking your Dropbox account with an online fax service, you can send and get faxes without a physical fax machine or fax line.

This article will explain how you can fax from Dropbox and enjoy the benefits of online faxing. We have tested the best methods to fax Dropbox files online and now share them with you. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can fax Dropbox files by connecting your Dropbox account to an online fax service.
  • Online fax add-ons let you fax directly from Dropbox's dashboard.
  • You can attach files form Dropbox when faxing over Gmail.
  • Dropbox brings a great storing solution to deal with incoming faxes.

Can I Fax From Dropbox?

Yes.  You can fax Dropbox files by using an email to fax service.  This is a type of service that lets you send and receive faxes online using your email.  The best way to do it is by taking advantage of Gmail and Dropbox integration.

The first step in faxing from Dropbox is to install the Dropbox add-on on Gmail. This add-on will enable you to access your Dropbox files directly from your Gmail account, making it easier to attach and send documents as faxes. Once you have installed the add-on, you can begin using your email to send faxes.

How to Fax from Dropbox: Your Options

You can fax Dropbox files by using an online fax add-on, or by faxing through Gmail. Let's take a look at each of these methods:

Installing Dropbox's Add-on for Gmail

To add Dropbox to your Gmail account, go to the G Suite Marketplace and search for "Dropbox for Gmail".  Click the blue "Install" button and grant permission to connect both accounts.  

This adds a Dropbox button to your Gmail interface on both desktop and mobile versions.  The add-on is also available in the "Settings" section of your Gmail account. You can remove it later if you no longer need it.

Sending Dropbox Fax with Gmail

Once you have the Dropbox add-on installed, you can start using Gmail to send faxes. To send a fax, compose a new email in Gmail and attach the document you wish to fax from your Dropbox account. 

To do this now you should have a new Dropbox icon in the compose screen. Click on it and a new window will appear, from where you can pick the document(s) you need to send as fax.  Click on the check next to the names and click attach them to the email fax message.

Pro Tip: If you need to send multiple attachments, click on each of them.  Keep in mind though, that fax services have limits on the amount of documents you can attach to an email fax.

After uploading the attachment, fill out the rest of the compose screen as you would normally do by following the steps to fax from Gmail.

Storing Online Fax on Your Dropbox Account

One of the advantages of faxing from Dropbox is that you can easily store your received faxes on your Dropbox account. This allows you to organize and access your fax files from anywhere with an internet connection.

To store faxes you receive on Gmail to your Dropbox storage, simply select the option to save the fax to Dropbox when receiving a fax online. You can create a dedicated folder for your faxes to keep them organized.

A copy of incoming faxes will also be accessible through your online fax provider's dashboard. In this section you will also find all the details of your fax, including the time it was sent, the recipient's number and how long it took to complete the transmission.

Online Fax Services with Dropbox Integration

One recommended online fax service with Dropbox integration is eFax. As one of the pioneers in the online fax industry, eFax offers a comprehensive set of features, with Dropbox integration being one of them. With eFax, users can easily attach files from their Dropbox account to be sent as faxes. Similarly, incoming faxes can be saved directly to a designated Dropbox folder for easy access and organization. 

Another popular online fax service with Dropbox integration is HelloFax. Known for its user-friendly interface and simple drag-and-drop functionality, HelloFax makes it easy to send and receive faxes efficiently. With the built-in Dropbox integration, users can sync their HelloFax account with Dropbox, allowing them to save incoming faxes directly to their preferred Dropbox folder. This integration also enables users to attach files from their Dropbox account when sending faxes. 

Final Words

With the integration of Dropbox and online fax services, faxing has become more streamlined and accessible. No longer do you need a physical fax machine or a dedicated phone line for faxing. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily send and receive faxes with your Dropbox account. Try it out and experience the benefits of Google Online Fax!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dropbox has a fax service?

No, Dropbox currently doesn't have an online fax service, but they offer seamless integration with online fax services such as HelloFax or eFax.

Is faxing from Dropbox safe?

Yes, online fax services have tight security measures in place to ensure your document arrives safely to the hands of the recipient.  No matter if you use your email or an add-on.

Can I fax Dropbox files for free?

Yes, to do this just sign up for an online fax service that lets you create a free trial account.  Most services have this and in general let you send and receive faxes for a period of two weeks approximately.