How to Send a PDF to a Fax Machine

how to fax a pdf

The PDF format has become one of the most used file formats in the World.  Created by Adobe as a way to reduce paper consumption in offices, this type of digital document is used for all types of purposes, from store catalogues to business contracts and CVs.

​It's for this same reason, that ​sometimes we need to send a PDF as fax.

Usually, this is done by printing the document and running it through a fax machine/multi-function printer, but this method is slow and in some way, defeats the purpose of using a digital document.

​​Today, you can fax a PDF digitally, right from your computer (desktop or mobile) and without the need of a machine or even a landline!

​Digital faxing is possible thanks to a variety of online fax services that help you convert a wide array of file types into fax images, among the them the Adobe PDF. ​

Read on to learn how you can send your file in just a few minutes from now!

​Option 1 - Using Your Email Account


Faxing by email is right now the preferred way to fax because it's fast, easy to implement and​ cost-effective. 

​Companies that provide email to fax services work with a great variety of file formats, among them PDFs.​

To send a ​PDF as fax from your email you will need the help of an online fax service. Companies such as eFax, RingCentral and MyFax, just to name a few, put at your disposition powerful faxing servers, capable of sending and receiving fax transmissions. 

With online faxing you can forget about having a machine (replace it with your computer) and a dedicated fax line (a number is actually given to you for free when opening a new account).

​Since you are using web-based technology to fax, it lets you fax a PDF from Mac and PC computers.

Let’s take a look at how ​to fax a PDF from your computer using your email:

  1. Compose a new email.
  2. On the TO field enter the number followed by (the actual domain name will be given to you on an email).
  3. Enter the cover message on the MESSAGE field.
  4. Attach a PDF from your computer.
  5. ​Click on Send

For an in-depth tutorial on how to ​send a fax via email, visit our guide here.

​Option 2 - Using a Smartphone


If you prefer to use your cell phone for faxing, you can download a mobile fax app.

There are two types of apps out there: those that come as part of an online fax service, and those where you need to pay for each fax you send.

​The first option gives you more flexibility because if you are not on your phone, you can simply fax the PDF document from your desktop computer or with your email.  But you need a monthly plan.

The second option is better suited for those of you who only want to send an occassional fax.  Why? Because although paying per fax can end up being more expensive than paying for a monthly plan, it really doesn't matter when you are just faxing a couple of pages.

In any case, make sure the service and app you are using is compatible with PDF.  Some apps only let you fax documents "scanned" with your phone's camera.

​Option 3 - Fax WeBsites

​​If you want to fax a PDF without spending any money, you can use a website that lets you send fax free. These websites let you send up to two pages per day,​ and most of them support PDF ​files.  The two best free fax services we recommend are MyFax Free and FaxZero.


But… well we wouldn’t recommend these services if faxing is a serious part of your office. This is because with these services you are not only limited in terms of quantity, but each of your faxes may or may not arrive with a cover page with ads.

If, on the other hand, you never send a fax and need to send one right now, they are a pretty good alternative. And saves you from having to find the nearest office store.

If you are planning to fax regularly, you will be better off with an online fax service, since these “free” websites then charge you a certain amount per page, which can quickly become more costly than a service that lets you send 300 pages per month.

If you are looking to start without spending money, a better alternative is to sign up for a free trial, this way you will be able not only to send but also to receive faxes during a full month.

​Receiving Fax as PDF Documents

​If you prefer using an online fax service, you can also receive faxes converted to PDFs.  That's because they provide

Your number will redirect incoming fax transmission to fast fax servers, where they will be converted into a digital file, in this case a PDF. Once converted, the resulting file is attached to an email message with all the details of the transmission. After it has arrived to your email, you can read it or download it as you wish.

Some companies also let you access your PDF faxes on the go, with the help of online faxing apps. These apps are freely available on the App Store or on Google Play Store, but in order to use them you’ll need to enter your login information. If you are using a free trial account, you can also make use of these apps for the duration of the trial.

Learn more about the benefits of using PDF for faxing.

​In Summary

In this article you’ve learned how to fax a PDF online without having to depend on a fax machine or an office supply store. As you can see, you don’t even need a fax number if you don’t want to receive faxes or if you are just looking to fax occasionally. With online solutions you can reduce the time and money you spend faxing, online faxing is simple, and you can get started within minutes.