Have a Faulty Fax Machine? Don’t Fix It! Here’s Why

You arrive to the office, turn on your fax machine, get ready to send that important fax and… the machine doesn’t work!

We’ve all been in a similar situation at some point. Some years ago this meant that you had to buy a new fax machine, or at least send it for repair! Nowadays, it means that you should throw it away!

Yes, you read that right. You can keep using old technology that will break again at some point, or you can take the opportunity of trying out a faster online solution.

Fixing Your Fax Machine

Despite its usefulness, a fax machine is not a perfect device. Sometimes your fax machine stops working for different reasons, and you have to take it to a specialist to fix it. Not only does this takes time, but also money. You have to add the technical service costs to the existing costs of the machine itself and its supplies!

Paper jams, or problems with the feeder are perhaps easy to fix by the user, but other times you need a specialist to know what is wrong in the first place. You may even have to pay additional fees for the purchase of replacement parts.

If fixing the machine is impossible you’ll need to go and buy a new one, and we all know that we can’t simply get a new machine in a few minutes and then set it up to send that important fax that has been waiting all morning right? You end up paying the cost not only in money but also in terms of time.

Throw Away Your Fax Machine

Here’s a better alternative: If your fax machine stops working, replace it with an online fax service.

You have been put in a situation where you can make the jump to an improved way of faxing. A way that doesn’t require a landline or a fax machine and that is ready to be used in just a matter of minutes.

Online fax services are also very affordable, which means that with the cost of the repair service, you could actually be faxing for a couple of months free of the problems of machines such as paper jams and poor quality printing. All your faxes will be sent straight from your computer. You can send fax from email, and all incoming faxes will arrive as PDFs, a format type that can be read for free on any computer.

Actually, to get started you don’t even have to pay a single dime. Most fax services let you create a free account that you can use to test how this technology works. Unlike traditional faxing, this way of faxing seldom has issues, and you don’t need a technician to solve the problems. You simply contact live support and they help you in an instant.

What about your existing fax number? Although you get your own virtual dedicated fax number with a service, you can keep using the number on your landline. Just request a fax number transfer to your preferred online fax provider and they will take care of the rest.

Final Words

Why spend time and money fixing your fax machine, or buying a new one? is it really worth it?

By using an online fax solution you could be saying good-bye to machine related issues for good while increasing your productivity at the same time, automating your fax tasks and improving the speed of the transmissions.

Opening an online fax account with any service is extremely easy. You just have to pick the online fax number you want to use for receiving faxes, set the email address that will be associated to your number, and wait for a few minutes for your number to be activated.