Google Retires “Gmail Offline” Chrome App, Adds Built-in Replacement

Gmail offline with Chrome

​One of the features brought in the recent Gmail update is the ability to set it to offline mode.  That’s why Google has announced they are retiring “Gmail Offline”, the Chrome app that let you enable this mode before the update.

The new offline feature lets you “search, write, delete, and archive 90 days of messages, even without an Internet connection”.

Google is aiming to move a big part of their Chrome apps to a web platform, and in this case they have also improved it, and it’s performing better than before.  You can still find “Gmail Offline” on the Chrome store, but expect it to be gone by December 3rd, 2018.

The new offline feature is disabled by default. To enable it follow these steps:

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. Once on your inbox go to Settings > Settings.
  3. Click on Offline.
  4. Make sure the Enable offline mail box is checked.

Under Security you can set what to do with your emails when you sign out.  Gmail can keep the offline data on your computer or it can be removed.  In this case, your data will need to be synced when you connect again.

You can also enable Gmall web offline mode for your domain via the G Suite account’s Gmail settings. By default the feature stores the last 30 days of messages, but you can adjust it by going to Settings > Settings, then to the Offline tab.  The available values are 7,30 and 90 days.

Google recommends uninstalling the app and switching to the native offline mode as soon as possible.  

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