Google Launches Voice Access to Help Users with Limited Mobility

Google voice access

Despite all the wonders of modern smartphones and mobile devices, there’s no denying that they have not been enough for people suffering from limited mobility. That’s why companies are starting to invest in solutions for them, one of them is Google and their new app called Voice Access.

The goal of this app is to enable ways to access the different apps and functions of your phone through a hands-free process. Though initially Google developed Voice Access for people suffering from spinal chord injuries, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, it has the potential of being useful in a variety of other cases.

With this app you can issue commands such as:

  • “Ok Google” to open Voice Access
  • “Go Home” to go to the home screen of your phone
  • “Tap Go Back” to use the button on an app

The app just came out, and currently is only available in English, though it is expected more languages to be added in the following weeks. There is still room for improvement, it won’t let you for example unlock/lock your phone or close apps, but we certainly appreciate this step forward.

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