Google Assistant Updated on Phones and Smart Displays

google assistant update

Google has announced a set of extra features that will be added to Google Assistant. These are added to the ones that were announced some days ago at “Google Hardware Event 2018”. Let’s take a look at them:

First, there will be support for Nest Hello doorbell and Home View in the Lenovo Smart Display and the JBL Link View, allowing you to control your home devices.

Smart displays such as these will also be able to be added to speaker groups.

Call Screen (that lets the Assistant handle tele-marketing calls) and Google Duplex (a feature that allows the Assistant to make calls on your behalf to make reservations and appointments) will also be added to Google Pixel this year. Currently, Google is testing Duplex with restaurants in 4 cities across the USA.

For all Android phones, the visual snapshot of the day will now come with the Assistant app. This feature that lets you quickly see notification, reminders and notes, will be accessible by activating the assistant and then swiping up.

Now you can also use Google Assistant even if your phone screen is locked. Instead of using the unlock gesture or using your finger, the app will use voice recognition technology. You can easily check your calendar, ask for reminders, etc.

Finally, for Phone, Google is adding new filter that helps you manage the time kids spend on the phone as well a “downtime” feature.

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