Faxing Infographic Lets You Understand How to Send a Fax

​Hi everybody! We want to present you our newest online infographic​.

This is information that we've already covered in our ​tutorial (See: How to Send Fax from Gmail) , but ​we hope this presentation helps you understand it more clearly.

​Email faxing is a powerful tool for businesses big and small, but a lot of people  don't make the jump simply because they think it's complicated.  It's really not, and we hope the step by step process is clear.  

Anyone who knows how to send an email knows 99% of the process of sending email fax.

We've broken down the process of setting up an email fax in 5 steps that you can follow along.  Remember that in order for this to work, you need an online fax service.  A free account works fin as long as it's active.

Please let us know what you think about this infographic from Googleonlinefax.com, and feel free to share it (don't forget to add a link to the source in this page)!​

how to fax from Gmail infographic