Gmail Integrates with Dropbox and Other Services with “Compose Actions”

Google continues to implement massive changes in their email service. We’ve already talked about features like Smart Compose and the newest redesign in Gmail. Now the company has announced they will begin rolling out a new feature called “Compose Actions”

Put simple, this new feature will help you add functions from another service directly on Gmail. A clear example of this, is Gmail’s integration with DropBox. By installing the add-on you can quickly attach documents from your Dropbox account with just a couple of clicks. The buttons you add will appear on the main compose window that you use to to create your email fax message.

The aim of “Compose Actions” is to help increase productivity and the time spent switching between accounts. In the announcement post, Google sates:

“Compose Actions make it easy for you to add attachments, reference records, or liven up your messages with content from your favorite third-party apps right as you draft your message in Gmail.”

But Dropbox isn’t the only service that has been added to this feature, you can also expect to enjoy Gmail’s integration with Box, Atlassian and Egnyte.

To be able to use them you’ll need to download the corresponding Gmail add-on. You will need to first authorize communication between your accounts. Once it’s done, the feature will be available in the desktop and mobile sites as well as in Gmail’s mobile app.

Get started right now by heading over to the Gmail section of the G Suite Marketplace. More services are expected to use this feature in the upcoming months, we’ll see if it’s used by one of the leading fax services in the market.

What do you think about this new feature? For fax users this means that it will be easier to fax over email document stored in the cloud. So far we could only attach documents from Google Drive, but this gives us new possibilities!

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