Can I Fax an Invoice Using Google Sheets?

If you are like me, you prefer creating and managing your documents using Google Sheets. When it comes to making spreadsheets online, nothing can beat the power of Google Sheets, but the file sharing feature of the tool isn’t enough when you need to fax an invoice.

Sometimes you still need to send an invoice by fax, because its the standard way of sending and receiving documents securely in countless businesses around the country.

Although you can fax a spreadsheet it by printing it and sending it through a fax machine, it’s easier to do it through an online fax service. This option lets you fax directly from your Sheets window without the need of a landline or a fax machine.

Choosing the Right Service for the Job

An online fax service will convert your Google Sheets document to a file format that is compatible with common fax machines, and then will send it to the recipient using a digital fax line. When your fax has been received you get a confirmation message on your Gmail inbox containing all the details of the transmission, ensuring your invoice has indeed been received.

To be able to fax your invoice, you must first pick a service that offers add-ons or extensions for Google Docs. These little pieces of code, allow you to add new and interesting features to ​the tools inside Google Drive. Know that not all services offer add-ons, so it’s good to ask before creating an account.

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Among those that offer add-ons you can find HelloFax and Fax.Plus. Both companies are relatively new to the online fax market, yet they have been investing heavily on adding features needed by current users, who prefer to work using cloud-based software.

This is what you’d typically ​when sending fax online from Google Sheets:

  1. Sign up for an online fax service.
  2. Download their corresponding add-on from the Chrome Store.
  3. Open the spreadsheet containing your invoice.
  4. Go to Add-ons on the menu bar and select your preferred fax alternative, you should see an option to Send a Fax. You may need to enter your fax account login info.
  5. A new sidebar will appear. There you’ll need to enter the recipient’s fax number (including country and area code). Depending on your service, you can also access other features such as custom cover pages, image optimizing and scheduling.
  6. Press Send.

After you finish just wait for the confirmation message received in your email.

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These add-ons are free to download, stay away from services that wish to charge you more for this functionality. Anyone can download the add-ons, but i order for them to work they need to be associated to an online fax account. If you want to try out how it works you can take advantage of the services that either give you free trial accounts, or let you send a few pages for free. For more information ​, please visit our homepage where you'll learn everything about online fax.

​What Is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a free web application that lets you create and store spreadsheet without the need of software. All the spreadsheets you create are automatically stored on your Google Drive account, a virtual hard drive with free 15 GB of space that comes with every Google account.

This web application lets you include charts, graphs to your spreadsheets. It also has advanced features like built-in formulas, conditional formatting options and pivot tables. If you need to create an invoice, it also has plenty of templates so you’ll have no problem getting started.

You can learn more about Google Sheets on