How to Fax from a Printer

​Faxing documents is still a common practice in many professional and personal settings. While standalone fax machines are often used for this purpose, did you know that some printers come with built-in fax capabilities?

If you have a printer with fax capability, you can easily send and receive faxes without the need for a separate machine. In this article, we'll explore how to fax from a printer and provide you with a helpful guide to get started.

Can Your Printer Support Fax?

Before you can start faxing from your printer, you need to determine if it has the necessary fax functionality. Here are three ways to check:

  1. Look for a "fax" button: Most printers with fax capability will have a dedicated button labeled "fax" on their control panel. If you see this button, it's a good indication that your printer can fax.
  2. Check for telephone jacks: Look for a telephone jack or jacks on your printer. These jacks allow the printer to connect to a landline phone line, which is essential for faxing.
  3. Review product information: Consult the product specifications or contact your local office equipment supplier to verify if your printer can be upgraded with a fax kit for faxing capabilities.

NOTE: A Wireless printer, doesn't mean that it will use your wireless connection if you want to send a fax.  Many people get this wrong, so know that it only means it can be connected wirelessly to your computer, it will still need to be connected to a physical dedicated line for faxing.

Sending a Fax Using the Document Feeder

Assuming your printer has fax capability, follow these steps to send a fax using the document feeder:

  1. Select the "fax" feature on your printer's control panel.
  2. Place the document you want to fax into the document feeder.
  3. Dial the recipient's fax number using the printer's keypad.
  4. Press the "send" button to initiate the fax transmission.

The printer will attempt to establish a connection with the receiving fax machine and transmit the fax.

​After the transmission is successfully completed, you can expect to receive a confirmation page that provides comprehensive information such as the timestamp, date, and total number of pages sent.

Sending a Fax Using a Print Driver

Some printers with fax capability allow you to send fax through the print driver. Follow these steps to send a fax using a print driver:

  1. Open the document you want to fax on your computer.
  2. Select the "Print" option in the document's application.
  3. In the print dialog box, choose the print driver labeled as "fax" or look for a "fax" option within the regular print driver.
  4. Enter the recipient's fax number in the provided fields.
  5. Click "send" to initiate the fax transmission.

The printer will use the print driver to send the document as a fax to the specified number.

Receiving a Fax Using a Printer

Most printers with fax capability can automatically receive and print incoming faxes. Your printer stores the fax in its memory and attempts to print it later if it runs out of ink or paper. In some cases, advanced fax machines can also forward a copy of the received fax to an email address.

What To Do If You Have a Printer Without Fax Features

If you find that your can't fax from printer, the best alternative is to use an online fax service. When you fax online you eliminate the need of having to buy additional equipment, including printers and fax machines, and gain the freedom to effortlessly send and receive faxes from your computer, phone, or tablet​.

​When you fax online, you can send different file formats, for example you can fax a PDF directly, and it will converted into a fax image that is compatible with all fax machines and fax-printers.  This makes sure your communications remain intact.

This innovative approach not only saves you money but also contributes to a greener environment. By eliminating the reliance on physical paper and bulky fax machines, you reduce waste and decrease your carbon footprint.