eFax vs FaxZero: Which One Is Better?

Are you looking for an eFax vs FaxZero comparison?

FaxZero and eFax are two popular online fax services. The biggest difference between them is that one is free and the other is paid. By charging a monthly fee, eFax is able to provide advanced faxing features, including the ability to fax from your email and your mobile phone.  FaxZero, on the other hand is free but it is very limited both in terms of page quantity and their compatible file formats.

Let's take a deeper look and compare FaxZero vs eFax in different areas and explore their differences and similarities so you can make a good decision.

eFax vs FaxZero Comparison





Free (2 pages) then $2/fax

HIPAA Compliance



Cloud Storage



Digital Signatures



Free Trial



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Security is a top priority when it comes to faxing sensitive information. Both eFax and FaxZero offer secure transmission of faxes over the internet. They use encryption technology to ensure that your documents remain confidential during the faxing process.

User Experience and Support

When it comes to user experience, eFax and FaxZero both offer user-friendly interfaces. They make it easy to send and receive faxes, with intuitive navigation and clear instructions. You can send faxes directly from your computer, eliminating the need for a physical fax machine.

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HIPAA Compliance

If you work in the healthcare industry or handle sensitive medical information, HIPAA compliance is crucial. Both eFax and FaxZero are HIPAA compliant, meaning they have implemented the necessary safeguards to protect patient privacy.

Digital Signatures

Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly popular for signing and sending documents. eFax offers eSignature functionality, allowing you to sign and send faxes electronically. FaxZero, on the other hand, does not currently offer this feature.

Fax Numbers

Having your own fax number is essential for sending and receiving faxes. eFax provides you with a dedicated fax number, while FaxZero allows you to use their fax number for free. This can be a deciding factor depending on your faxing needs.

In this aspect, having your own fax number is a major advantage.  eFax has at your disposition local, toll-free and even vanity fax numbers.  They also provide a free fax porting service, so you can keep using your current fax number.

Fax Scheduling

If you need to send faxes at specific times or on a regular basis, fax scheduling is an important feature. eFax allows you to schedule faxes in advance, making it convenient for business users. FaxZero, unfortunately, does not offer this feature.

Fax Status Monitoring

Knowing the status of your sent faxes is crucial for business operations. With eFax, you can monitor the status of your faxes through their online portal or via email notifications. FaxZero does not provide this feature, which may be a drawback for some users.

efax vs faxzero

Cloud Storage Integration

Integration with cloud storage platforms can be beneficial for document management.

eFax can be integrated with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.   This can be in the form of add-ons, or in the case of Google Drive you can pull documents directly from your account to send fax through Gmail.

FaxZero on the other hand is a web-based service, and doesn't provide integration with cloud services.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing is an important consideration when choosing an online fax service. eFax offers different plans based on your faxing needs, with options for both small and large businesses. Prices start at around $15 for the eFax Pro plan, which allow to send and receive 200 pages per month.   You can get started for free though a 14 day free trial.

FaxZero, on the other hand, offers a free faxing service but has severe limitations on the number of pages per fax, and the types of documents you can send as fax (currently they only support faxing PDFs and Word documents)

Final Words

eFax vs FaxZero? Both are reliable online fax services, but they have different features and pricing options. eFax provides a comprehensive set of features, including eSignature functionality and fax scheduling, making it an excellent choice for business users.

FaxZero, on the other hand, is a good option for occasional faxing needs, as it offers a free service with limitations on page numbers.

Ultimately, the choice between eFax and FaxZero depends on your specific faxing requirements and budget.