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eFax Review 2023 – Plans, Features, Prices

efax review

​This time we will review eFax, perhaps the best known company around the world in the field of online faxing. This service is always at the forefront of fax technology, offering excellent quality and interesting features to its users.

eFax is currently available in more than 40 countries, where they are also able to offer virtual fax lines.

In this article we will see how this service works and what its advantages are compared to its competitors.

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​Price and Plans

​Unlike some services that offer a variety of plans, eFax has only two of them. These plans are simple and aimed at small businesses and personal offices. If what you are looking for is a fax solution for a large company or corporation, it is best to contact an eFax representative. They offer customized corporate plans.

eFax Plus Plan. This plan has a cost of ​$16.95/mo or $14.13/mo billed yearly ​and allows you to send 150 pages a month and receive an additional 150. It also has a set up fee of $10.

eFax Pro Plan. This plan has a cost of ​$19.95/mo or $16.63/mo billed yearly and allows you to send ​200 pages and receive another ​200. ​

If you decide to pay annually, you can reduce the cost quite a bit, since you will get 2 months totally free.

Another option is to create a free account. eFax offers free accounts for 30 days with all of the features enabled. You can send and receive faxes in addition to testing all the features offered by the service, including your own dedicated line. After 30 days, you can cancel your account if you do not want to continue with the service. If you want to continue you will have to continue with a monthly plan.

This service has no contracts, you can cancel at the time you want

The price of eFax is above some of the competing fax services in the market, but unlike these, it offers international availability, and the truth is that it is very reliable. We have been using it for a long time without any problem whatsoever.

​eFax Features

​Outside of the basic capabilities of sending and receiving faxes, there are some features worth reviewing:

  • 24/7 Online faxing. As a member of eFax, you will get a virtual fax number that will always be available, allowing you to receive faxes automatically wherever you are.
  • International availability. You can open your account and get your number with eFax in 48 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, India, and many more. In some countries you also have toll-free numbers at your disposal.
  • HIPAA Support. This feature is very important in areas such as law and healthcare, in which share private documents are commonly shared. By having HIPAA enabled, your faxes will be stored in your secure eFax account, instead of being sent to your email.
  • Electronic Signature. Do you need to send a certified document with your signature? No problem, you can do it simply by attaching an electronic signature to your fax. This feature will allow you to save a lot of time since you won’t have to print a document just to sign it.
  • Mobile support. eFax has one of the best applications for faxing from a smartphone or tablet. The application is free but you must have at least a free account for log in. Using it is very easy and you also have the option to add an electronic signature.
  • Custom Cover Sheets. eFax provides a variety of cover sheets for different occasions. They are very easy to use and customize in case you don’t have your own. You can also use eFax Messenger to edit them.

​Sending a Fax With eFax

​Sending a fax using eFax is extremely easy.  We won’t detail all the steps needed to complete the process, we have already have a guide for faxing with Gmail that you can read.

Basically you have to send an email by placing the number in the recipient's area, followed by @ efaxsend.com. This will send your fax to eFax fax servers, where they will be converted to a format that can be read on a conventional fax machine.

The documents to be faxed will be attached to the message. Currently eFax is capable of converting 52 different formats among which are some common ones such as TXT, JPG, XLS, ​PDF as well as other rarer ones.

Once you have sent your fax, you will receive a confirmation email. In total, everything takes no more than a couple of minutes. Although we have never encountered a problem sending a fax, the company ensures that your document will be automatically forwarded if it finds a problem along the way.

​Using eFax Messenger

​You can also send fax from the service’s software, eFax Messenger. This is available for PC and Mac, but the latter doesn’t seem to work well for some users.

​Receiving Fax with eFax

​As with other services, receiving fax is very easy and automatic. Once you have created your account and selected your number, you will need to add your email account. From that moment, all faxes that are sent to your fax number will be automatically sent to your Gmail account.

By default, the documents will be converted to PDF, but you can also choose to have them encrypted. If you opt for the latter, the faxes will arrive in EFX format, which can only be opened through the eFax Messenger program.

If you have installed the eFax app, you will be able to receive and read your messages from your phone too.

​Final Words

​eFax offers a complete fax package and is available in many cities around the world. However, the price is higher than other competitors. Is it worth it? Well, we think so, especially if you are a power fax user.

This service is full of features that are very useful on a day-to-day basis. The bad thing is that for Mac users, the application does not run as it should. You have to remember that it is not necessary to have the application though, since everything can be handled from the virtual platform.

We recommend eFax.  It is one of the most reliable and serious services out there.  You can get started with a ​14 day free account.

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