Why Use a Cloud Faxing Solution for Your Company?

cloud fax for business

There are many advantages of moving your business infrastructure to the cloud, especially for big companies, which sometimes can’t handle hosting every single one of their process on their own servers.

Although it can prove to be a challenge to move all your process to cloud-based alternatives, it’s better to start with areas that are easy to move and that will provide immediate benefits. One of this areas is faxing.

If you receive a big number of faxes regularly, using fax machines can prove to be the factor that is holding your communications’ speed down. Even though many companies have already switched to online fax, they use an in-house solution for it, which means they require their own fax servers and IT team.

Moving to a cloud online fax service on the other hand give you the same benefits of an in-house solution without the hassle of purchasing servers and server warranties, or requiring more physical storage. What’s better, making the jump to cloud service is easy and safe.

What is a Cloud Fax Service

This is a service that allows you to both send and receive faxes online without the need of a fax machine or physical fax line. Instead, faxing is done through an online portal or through email, while retaining full compatibility with fax machines.

Instead of using your servers, you are using your provider’s fax servers for the job. It’s on those servers where all the conversion process will take place. These services are also able to give you an online fax number or numbers depending on the needs of your company. This number can be linked to multiple email recipients at the same time.

How It Benefits Your Company

cloud fax benefits

It’s a reliable way of faxing. The leading online fax providers in the World are able to provide a fax experience free of interruptions and server misconfigurations. They also automate many of the tasks such as receiving faxes, scheduling faxes, and re-trying to send a fax. You can rest assured all your faxes will be sent and received.

It’s more affordable. Implementing an in-house fax solution can be pretty costly. With a cloud fax service you only need to have an Internet connection. Another thing to mention is that all your documents will be digital, so you’ll save the cost of printing them and storing them physically.

It’s secure. Countless companies prefer to use faxing over other popular methods because it is simple and it safe. Once you send the fax contents, you can rest assured they have reached its correct destination because you always get a confirmation message. Well, you can retain that same level of security with cloud faxing, and add more. Services provide security features such as HIPAA compliant fax, point-to-point encryption, password protected PDFs and more.

It’s customizable and scalable. Services provide different plans based on the amount of faxes you send and receive per month. Choosing a plan that fits your needs is very important. But what happens if your needs increase? Well it’s a s easy as changing your monthly plan, just head to your service and ask for an upgrade.

In case none of the plans fits the needs of your company, you can always request a customizable one. Top rated services have “enterprise” or “corporate” plans for big companies with special needs.

It’s easy to implement. An online fax solution is ready to be used in just a matter of minutes. Even if you have an existing fax number, you can easily transfer it to a cloud fax service through a “fax number porting” process.

It’s easily accessible. You can enjoy of different ways to both send and receive faxes: using your email, your desktop computer and even your phone or tablet.

In addition, all incoming faxes are received as PDFs, a file format that is able to show images and text, doesn’t weight too much, and what’s best can be read on any computer, phone or tablet. There’s always a way to read PDFs for free, but you can also login to Gmail and read your faxes directly from the preview screen.

Fax API. In some cases companies are allowed to use their API key to integrate the cloud-based fax infrastructure to their current software, system or applications.

Improves workflow. This way of faxing is much faster than the traditional method of using a fax machine. Once you press Send, all the magic takes place inside the powerful fax servers that are able to communicate with other fax machines.

Cloud storage. Both outgoing and incoming faxes are stored in secure cloud servers. This means that you and anyone with authorized login credentials can have access to them, without having to use a single computer. Most services offer unlimited storage for small businesses, but if you own a big company you may need extra space.

As an option you can integrate fax with services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to keep a backup of your online fax data. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free virtual hard drive space, but you can increase it according to the needs of your business for a fee. Here you can learn more about ​what is Google fax and how it can help you.

Are You Ready to Move to The Cloud?

Online faxing gives you the perfect way to start using cloud-based solutions for your company. If you care about portability, reliability, security and scalability then you should start looking for good company that takes care of faxing for you.