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Why Fax is Still Preferred in the Legal Sector?

Did you know that faxing is still the preferred method of sending/receiving documents remotely in the law industry? Despite all the advances in communication, faxing is still the main way to send and receive legal documents. Modern ways of communicating are lighting-fast and convenient, but they don’t provide the two main benefits of faxing: reliability and […]

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How to Send an International Fax Free

​Sending a fax to an international fax machine is not much different than faxing to an US number, there are just a few differences to keep in mind, and as you will see it is almost the same as making an international phone call. International fax requires you add the country code when dialing the number. […]

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Why Use a Cloud Faxing Solution for Your Company?

There are many advantages of moving your business infrastructure to the cloud, especially for big companies, which sometimes can’t handle hosting every single one of their process on their own servers. Although it can prove to be a challenge to move all your process to cloud-based alternatives, it’s better to start with areas that are easy […]

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How to Fax with Google Voice

​Can you ​fax using Google Voice numbers?​ Yes.​ You can ​unlock and transfer your current number in Google Voice ​and use it to send and receive faxes over a virtual fax line. Google Voice is a great service to get a VOIP number online, but VOIP technology is not suited for fax transmissions, and attempts at […]

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How to Take Advantage of a Virtual Dedicated Fax Line Service

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 Having a dedicated fax line has always been the surefire way to avoid interruptions when sending and receiving faxes with a fax machine.  Traditionally, these are additional phone lines that you need to install in your office, so they can be used exclusively for fax transmissions.  Companies without these lines often […]

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