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Why Use a Cloud Faxing Solution for Your Company?

There are many advantages of moving your business infrastructure to the cloud, especially for big companies, which sometimes can’t handle hosting every single one of their process on their own servers. Although it can prove to be a challenge to move all your process to cloud-based alternatives, it’s better to start with areas that are easy […]

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Inbound and Outbound Fax with Google Voice

A free phone number to call, text or to check your voicemail. Sounds great? That’s what Google Voice has been providing since its launch in 2009. The tech company has done its part in maintaining the service, improving it and providing additional features for their users. But, can you send and receive fax with your Google Voice […]

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Need a Toll-Free Fax Number?

Having a toll-free fax number can be a powerful tool for your business. According to multiple case studies these types of numbers help increasing the credibility and visibility of your brand at the same time. Clients and potential customers are more inclined to trust more in companies with free communication channels. Since they can be reached […]

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Gmail Adds New Feature Called “Smart Compose”

Gmail have started rolling out the newest addition to its set features. It’s called “Smart Compose” and is meant to complete the sentences you are typing in real time, so you can write your emails faster. As you may have noticed, Gmail already developed a technology called “Smart Reply”, which lets you reply automatically to certain […]

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Embrace Paperless Fax and Help the Planet

Did you know that the fax machine is among the pieces of office equipment that consume the most energy? Just to avoid missing faxes, many services their fax machine turned on 24/7. But that’s not all, the fax machine also consumes a lot of paper on a daily basis. And we all know how much […]

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Get a Dedicated Fax Line in Minutes

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 Having a dedicated fax line has always been the surefire way to avoid interruptions when sending and receiving faxes with a fax machine.  Traditionally, these are additional phone lines that you need to install in your office, so they can be used exclusively for fax transmissions.  Companies without these lines often […]

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