Send Fax with Bitcoins using Bitcoin Fax

bitcoin faxIt’s always good to have different online fax alternatives at our disposition. Bitcoin Fax is the latest one to appear on the market, letting you send faxes to different countries around the World using your BTC, or Bitcoin currency.

This site works similarly to other fax websites like FaxZero, which let you fax from a simple page without having to create an account. But besides being able to fax with bitcoins, you can choose your destination in other countries besides the US, UK and Canada.

UPDATE: The service has been discontinued in 2019.

Learning how to use Bitcoin Fax is extremely easy:

  1. Select the country of destination from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type in the correct fax number, including the area code.
  3. Choose a PDF from your computer (this will be your fax content).
  4. Make sure everything’s right and click on Send.

Pretty simple. Once you do this, you’ll be taken to the payment page, where you will be charged according to the country you’ve selected and the pages included in your fax. Countries are categorized in terms of pricing by zone. All zones cost 0.0005 BTC (around $3.76), except for one that costs 0.00109 BTC (around $8.21).

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Fax

The pros of using this service is that it lets you use your bitcoins and that it is very simple. There’s no complicated setups and the sending screen look just like Google’s homepage, free of distractions. If you have BTC lying around, it is a good option. As a matter of fact it was created to help the bitcoin economy these times where cryptocurrency is in fashion.

BitCoin Fax works great when sending faxes. We’ve sent a couple of pages for testing and they came out alright. 100% readable and relatively fast.

Unfortunately there are some things we don’t like about Bitcoin Fax, especially when compared to other online fax services. The first one is that we can only send PDF to fax. If you have another type of file, you’ll have to convert it to PDF before sending it, something that is far too complicated for most people out there. If on the other hand you use an online fax service you can convert dozens of different file types.

Another difference with fax services is the price. Paying $3.76 for a page of fax sounds excessive, specially if we take into account that an online fax provider costs in average $10 and allows you to fax 200 pages per month, including different types of files and on top of that, they give you a free online fax number that allows you to receive faxes on your email inbox. BitCoinFax is just a fax sending service, the price you pay is just for sending faxes and there’s no way to obtain a virtual number.

Final Words

Bitcoin Fax is an interesting alternative for people who prefer to use BTC for their transactions and who want to send a quick fax without including ads. For the rest of people, this can be an expensive option. It’s up to you if you want to send a single fax with this page. But if you want to fax regularly, using a good online fax service provider is the smartest way to go.

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