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Is It Possible to Fax Over a WiFi Connection?

​The development of WiFi technology and modern computers allowed us to communicate online without the need of cables, paving the way to mobile and smartphone technology. But can WiFi connections be used for faxing?  The short answer is YES. Here’ you’ll learn how.Using an Online Fax Service with a Wi-Fi ConnectionTo send fax using WiFi, you […]

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How to Choose a Fax to Gmail Service?

​If you want to be able to receive fax to Gmail, you’ll need the ​help of an online fax service, there’s currently no other way to do so.  Today’s market gives us plenty of alternatives to choose from, and ​this can be confusing for someone that is just making the switch to digital faxing.  Not […]

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What Is Fax Broadcasting and How It Can Help Your Business?

​Have you ever needed to send a fax to ​many recipients at the same time?  Doing it manually can take ages, especially if you are still using a fax machine.  ​Fax broadcasting or “fax blasting” technology lets you do ​it in a single step.  ​Although there are some fax machines that are capable of sending multiple […]

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Send IRS Tax Forms by Fax Using the Internet

​Sending tax information and tax forms means sending sensitive information.  If you need a secure solution  to send documents to your accountant or an IRS representative, there’s nothing better than using the power of Internet fax technology.Traditional faxing is still considered a secure way to share documents, but it requires you to have a dedicated […]

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Can I Fax an Invoice Using Google Sheets?

If you are like me, you prefer creating and managing your documents using Google Sheets. When it comes to making spreadsheets online, nothing can beat the power of Google Sheets, but the file sharing feature of the tool isn’t enough when you need to fax an invoice. Sometimes you still need to send an invoice by […]

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Why Fax is Still Preferred in the Legal Sector?

Did you know that faxing is still the preferred method of sending/receiving documents remotely in the law industry? Despite all the advances in communication, faxing is still the main way to send and receive legal documents. Modern ways of communicating are lighting-fast and convenient, but they don’t provide the two main benefits of faxing: reliability and […]

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How to Send an International Fax Free

​Sending a fax to an international fax machine is not much different than faxing to an US number, there are just a few differences to keep in mind, and as you will see it is almost the same as making an international phone call. International fax requires you add the country code when dialing the number. […]

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Why Use a Cloud Faxing Solution for Your Company?

There are many advantages of moving your business infrastructure to the cloud, especially for big companies, which sometimes can’t handle hosting every single one of their process on their own servers. Although it can prove to be a challenge to move all your process to cloud-based alternatives, it’s better to start with areas that are easy […]

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