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Is It Possible to Fax Over a WiFi Connection?

​The development of WiFi technology and modern computers allowed us to communicate online without the need of cables, paving the way to mobile and smartphone technology. But can WiFi connections be used for faxing?  The short answer is YES. Here’ you’ll learn how.Using an Online Fax Service with a Wi-Fi ConnectionTo send fax using WiFi, you […]

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Send IRS Tax Forms by Fax Using the Internet

​Sending tax information and tax forms means sending sensitive information.  If you need a secure solution  to send documents to your accountant or an IRS representative, there’s nothing better than using the power of Internet fax technology.Traditional faxing is still considered a secure way to share documents, but it requires you to have a dedicated […]

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Can I Fax an Invoice Using Google Sheets?

If you are like me, you prefer creating and managing your documents using Google Sheets. When it comes to making spreadsheets online, nothing can beat the power of Google Sheets, but the file sharing feature of the tool isn’t enough when you need to fax an invoice. Sometimes you still need to send an invoice by […]

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How to Send an International Fax Free

​Author: Richard Haase ​Contents ​How to Dial an International Fax Number?​How to Fax Internationally Through a Fax Machine​How to Send International Fax Online​Can I Fax Internationally for Free?Final Words ​Sending a fax to an international fax machine is not much different than faxing to an US number, there are just a few differences to keep […]

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Why Use a Cloud Faxing Solution for Your Company?

​Author: Richard Haase​There are many benefits to moving your business infrastructure to the cloud, especially for big companies that sometimes can’t handle hosting each and every one of their processes on their own servers.While it can be challenging to move all of your processes to cloud-based alternatives, it’s better to start with areas that are […]

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How to Fax with Google Voice

Author: Richard HaaseGoogle Voice is a great service to get a VOIP number online, but VOIP technology is not suited for fax transmissions, and attempts at trying to connect Google Voice fax to a machine doesn’t bring the expected results. If you want to fax with Google Voice numbers, you’ll need to port them to an […]

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How to Take Advantage of a Virtual Dedicated Fax Line Service

Author: Richard HaaseA dedicated fax line is a physical or digital line used solely to transmit analog or digital faxes. Businesses prefer to install a dedicated line for faxing to avoid interruptions during transmission and to ensure that faxes can be received automatically.Is a dedicated fax line needed to fax? No. You can either use […]

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