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eFax vs FaxZero: Which One Is Better?

Author: Richard HaaseAre you looking for an eFax vs FaxZero comparison? FaxZero and eFax are two popular online fax services. The biggest difference between them is that one is free and the other is paid. By charging a monthly fee, eFax is able to provide advanced faxing features, including the ability to fax from your email […]

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What is the HIPAA Compliance in Online Faxing

what is hipaa fax

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that sets standards for the protection of sensitive patient information and ensures the privacy and security of healthcare data. HIPAA compliance refers to the adherence to these regulations by healthcare providers, including the use of secure and HIPAA-compliant fax services.What is HIPAA compliance?Definition […]

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How to Fax from Dropbox

fax with dropbox

By linking your Dropbox account with an online fax service, you can send and get faxes without a physical fax machine or fax line. This piece will explain how you can fax from Dropbox and enjoy the benefits of online faxing.Can I Fax From Dropbox?Yes.  You can fax Dropbox files by using an email to […]

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Best Practices to Send a High-Quality Fax

Sending a high-quality fax is crucial for ensuring that important documents are transmitted accurately and securely. This article will discuss the factors that can affect fax quality and provide tips and best practices to improve the clarity and legibility of your faxed documents. Whether you are using a traditional fax machine or an online fax service, following […]

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MetroFax vs eFax

Metrofax vs eFax review

​Both MetroFax and eFax offer excellent online fax services with secure transmission, user-friendly interfaces, and HIPAA compliance. In general, eFax does a better job at faxing than MetroFax, with useful features that make faxing a breeze and perhaps the best smartphone fax app in the market right now. But this comes at a higher monthly […]

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How to Fax with HelloFax and Google Drive

Are you tired of dealing with clunky fax machines and the hassle of paper documents? With the integration of HelloFax and Google Drive, you can now send and receive faxes online, directly from your Google Drive account. This convenient and efficient way of faxing eliminates the need for a physical fax machine and allows you […]

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How Much Does a Fax Line Cost in 2023?

cost of a fax line

​Faxing is a popular way to send and receive documents, including contracts and agreements, invoices, and other important communications. While faxing may seem like an outdated technology in the age of email and instant messaging, many businesses and individuals still rely on faxing to communicate with others. One important consideration when it comes to faxing […]

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How to Fax From a Phone

Did you know that you can fax from a phone in just a couple of taps?  Since the release of smartphones, people have used them for all kinds of tasks, from instant messaging to posting photos on the go, but few people know that they also have the power of a fax machine in their […]

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How to Fax an Unemployment Claim Online for Free

​The recent coronavirus crisis has dealt a massive blow to the economy of millions of families across the United States. There has been a 3000% increase in jobless claims, with 6.6 million workers who have filed for unemployment benefits initially, a record number that just a few months ago we wouldn’t expect to see. However, as […]

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How to Fax With Your OneDrive Account Online

​OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services on the Web.  Backed by Microsoft, it has been adopted by thousands of businesses looking to improve workflow and the sharing of information. It lets you quickly save any type of document that then you can visualize or download from any computer through ​cloud storage […]

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