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Send your IRS Tax Forms Safely with Online Fax

​Sending tax information and tax forms means sending sensitive information.  If you need a secure solution  to send documents to your accountant or an IRS representative, there’s nothing better than using the power of Internet fax technology.Traditional faxing is still considered a secure way to share documents, but it requires you to have a dedicated […]

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Is Google Discover Replacing Search Box in Mobile Phones?

​Google has announced they have started rolling out “Google Discover” the new landing page that will replace the traditional minimalist search box on the Google app. Discover has already existed but it was previously called Google Feed, an app where you could add the feeds of the pages you visit the most.The new landing page […]

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Faxing Infographic Lets You Understand How to Send a Fax

​Hi everybody! We want to present you our newest online infographic​. This is information that we’ve already covered in our ​tutorial (See: How to Send Fax from Gmail) , but ​we hope this presentation helps you understand it more clearly. ​Email faxing is a powerful tool for businesses big and small, but a lot of people  don’t […]

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Google Assistant Updated on Phones and Smart Displays

Google has announced a set of extra features that will be added to Google Assistant. These are added to the ones that were announced some days ago at “Google Hardware Event 2018”. Let’s take a look at them: First, there will be support for Nest Hello doorbell and Home View in the Lenovo Smart Display and […]

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Which Google Tools Can Be Integrated with Fax?

Digital faxing gives us more flexibility than legacy fax technology, opening up different ways to both send and receive faxes without additional requirements besides a computer with Internet connection.  This new way of faxing lets you integrate fax functions into the Google tools or services you use the most. Why integrate Google services with fax? […]

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Is Online Fax The Best Solution for Small Businesses?

If you own a small business, you know how important faxing can be on your everyday life. Although we have witnessed the popularization of instant messaging methods like email and messaging apps, many companies still rely on faxing to send and sign invoices, receipts and contracts. The reason? Fax technology is secure and reliable. All your […]

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Can I Fax an Invoice Using Google Sheets?

If you are like me, you prefer creating and managing your documents using Google Sheets. When it comes to making spreadsheets online, nothing can beat the power of Google Sheets, but the file sharing feature of the tool isn’t enough when you need to fax an invoice. Sometimes you still need to send an invoice by […]

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