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This website was created as a guide for anyone interested in sending and receiving faxes using Google services, in special, ​ Gmail and Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs), two of the most popular services of the company.

Although we are not associated with Google, we think that this is the best way to fax online, since Gmail is an excellent email service, fast and always operational, and it has the backup of the rest of Google web tools.

This way of faxing is the best one right now. Why keep using fax machines if there is a better option?

In the guides we have on the site we help you to finally put aside your fax machine so you can fax more easily, comfortably and at a better price. You will learn, for example, how to integrate advanced fax functions or how to use your smartphone as a virtual fax machine to send faxes on the go.

Although there are other sites with similar guides, we want to differentiate ourselves by providing information in a clearer, more impartial, and above all orderly manner, so that you can find what you are looking for quickly.

We’ve been faxing for many years and witnessed the birth of online fax technology, which today can replace the use of machines in large industries such as healthcare and law, that depend heavily on fax documents.

We invite you to read our ​articles and get started with online fax too!

The best thing about this way of faxing is that it is ready to be used. You can start sending and receiving documents in just minutes from now.!

Remember to contact us if you have any question or suggestion. We will ​appreciate it!

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