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Despite what you’ve been reading in articles around the Web, the fax isn't dead​! It's not only alive and kicking, it's also an important part of millions of ​businesses​ that need to share documents in a safe and reliable way.

​But today’s World demands speed and efficiency, and well... fax machines are sometimes slow and ​prone to run into issues.  On top of that, they require you not only to invest in ​the machine itself, but also in a dedicated ​fax line (at least if you want to ​avoid interrupted transmissions!).

Smart businesses are migrating to online faxing, a ​technology that combines the security of traditional faxing with the speed of digital communications.  Thanks to ​email to fax services you can fax directly from your computer, without the need of a fax line or a machine.

​But what better way to fax than with Google online services and products?  ​​​Here at Google Online Fax you will find all the information you need to send and receive faxes from products like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs​. ​

​Are you ready to get started?  The first step is to throw away your fax machine! Then, I invite you to read our guides so you can start sending and receiving faxes digitally in just a matter of minutes!

How to Send Fax from Gmail

Learn how to send your first fax using ​your Gmail account in our easy-to-follow tutorial, and find ways to get started for free.

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​How to Receive Fax on Gmail

​Receiving faxes in Gmail is one of the easiest things you can do. Head over to this article to learn how to get faxes automatically sent to your inbox.

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​Get a Google Fax Number

​Learn how to get your own online fax number to send and receive faxes ​without a landline.  Take a look at our recommended free ​Google fax number providers.

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​Fax from Google Drive

Cloud faxing is the rage these days.  You can send and receive cloud stored documents as fax, and work on those documents online at the same time.  Read on to learn how to do it!

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​Read Our Latest Reviews

​A good Google fax service ​must be able to easily integrate fax ​with ​Google and at the same time, provide the necessary features​ to speed up ​your faxing ​transmissions.

To help you get started, ​we have reviewed the ​top online fax services on the Internet, and tested how good they work with Google services and apps.  We invite you to read more about them, so you can make the best decisions.  Also, look for free ways to create an account with them!

  • ​RingCentral Fax​.  This service is one of the leading ones in the field of online faxing.  Although RingCentral Fax is commonly part of the RingCentral Office suite of virtual office tools, you can also ​use it as a stand-alone product.  
  • eFax. With this service you can be faxing within minutes from anywhere.  With presence in dozens of countries around the World, you could say that eFax is the biggest online fax service in the market, and it offers the best mobile fax app out there.
  • MyFax. This company offers basic faxing capabilities at a great price.  If you prefer a more affordable solution, MyFax is what you are looking for.  Besides that, they offer an impressive list of compatible file formats that you can fax online!

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