​Start Faxing online In Seconds

​Send Fax from Gmail

Learn how to send ​​a fax online ​from email in our easy-to-follow tutorial, and find ​the best fax services to get started for free. ​

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​​Receive Fax on Gmail

​If sending fax online is easy, receiving ​fax on email is even easier, you just need to follow a couple of steps and fax documents will start arriving to your inbox.

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​Fax With Google

​Learn how to get your own ​Google fax number to send and receive faxes ​without a landline.  Take a look at our recommended ​ providers.

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​Fax from Google Drive

Cloud faxing is the rage these days.  You can ​fax documents stored on Drive, and work on those documents online at the same time.  ​

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​Read Our Reviews

  • ​RingCentral Fax​.  This service is one of the leading ones in the field of online faxing​ and is 100% compatible with Google products (inlcuding their own Google Docs add-on).
  • eFax. With this service you can be faxing within minutes from anywhere.  With presence in dozens of countries around the World, you could say that eFax is the biggest online fax service in the market, and it offers the best mobile fax app out there.
  • MyFax. This company offers basic faxing capabilities at a great price.  If you prefer a more affordable solution, MyFax is what you are looking for.  Besides that, they offer an impressive list of compatible file formats that you can fax online!